stay weird.

It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself & to make your happiness a priority.
It's necessary. 

C.S. Lewis

Don't let your happiness depend
on something you may lose

love shoes

Cinderella is proof
that a new pair of shoes
can change your life

spend time alone

I think it's very healty to spend time alone.
You need to know how to be alone and
not be defined by another person

Välkommen december

Insåg nu att klockan är över tolv och det är december, sista månaden på 2012. Jag har verkligen haft ett bra år men mer om det senare.

Det blev ingen träning imorse, tränarna var borta av olika anledningar så jag tog en sovmorgon till halv nio. Jag var inte gladare för det när jag vaknade upp men försökte bita ihop. Kom till Borlänge strax efter två idag och har mest myst hemma med familjen, behövde en sådan dag. Vi har fikat med pepparkakor, ätit tacos och druckit glögg. Det har inte varit en bra dag men känns bättre nu efter lite pepp av familjen.

Nu ska jag sova och vakna upp till en ny dag. Imorgon ska jag och mina fina systrar till badhuset. En perfekt helg kommer det bli, behövde familjen denna helg. Godnatt ❤

just continue

marilyn monroe

"i'm pretty, but i'm not beautiful
i sin, but i'm not the devil
i'm good, but i'm not an angel"

Be proud of your life

Sometimes horrible things happen in your life. Those types of things that you don't want to live them again, not even remember them as a memory. But if this things don't go through your life, there wouldn't be a difference between the good and the bad things, and everything in your life would be the same, boring and ordinary. So if this type of things really hurt you, cry. Cry a river but don't get depressed. Remeber that there is always someone who is worst than you. Don't ever get angry with anyone, or with yourself, no even with God. They haven't got the blame neither. Good or bad things happen for a reason. Which reason? Nobody knows. What you have to do? Discover the reason, accept it, take out the best of that and enjoy it. Enjoy ach second of you life, but this doesn't mean partying hard, getting drunk or smoking. This means enjoying the smallest things, where as watching a movie, listening music, or even going for a walk in the middle of the rain. In this little things is where you found happiness. So, laugh so hard you can't breath, feel deeply in love, smile at strangers, take funny pictures with your friends, sing your favorite songs, cook with your mother, fight for nonsense things with your brothers, write letters, do the things you like and the most important thing, enjoy your life and be proud of it.

Paolo Roberto

Det handlar om val. Inte för att jag tänker gå ut och springa 06.15 idag men tyckte det var bra skrivet.  


eller så kör man den här:


Some people come into our lives,
leave footprints on our hearts,
and we are never the same

i can

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what
people say you cannot do

i adore yyou
even though we change and we're
all finding our own place in the world,
we all know that when the tears fall
or the smile spreads across our face,
we'll come to each other because
no matter where this crazy world
take us, nothing will ever change
so much to the point where
we're not still friends.

ever true

"most people focus on what
they want to fix
rather than be thanful for
what they already have."


champions aren't made in the gyms
champions are made from something
they have deep inside them;
a desire, a dream
a vision

move on

don't judge me by my past
I don't live there anymore

Forever a dreamer


It's our flaws that makes us perfect

make someone's day

just come as you are

i'd rather be hated
for who i am,
than loved
for who i am not
- kurt cobain

like a boss

we must be our own
before we can be another's
-ralph waldo emerson

something to think about

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